Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sony Ericsson V600i : simplistic fun in the world of 3G

Mobile Phones today have become more and more complicated. As we continue to cramp in every new bit of technologies to our handsets, the practical usability of these devices are dubious. In context of keeping up with technologies, the mobile phone designs too have become more complicated than ever. The simplistic charms of the Sony Ericsson V600i comes in as a gush of fresh wind.

The Sony Ericsson V600i is a simple candy-bar handset with a straight forward design and a well laid out keypad and is presently available in two colours – Moonlight silver and Black. However, the mobile phone is packed with the latest in mobile phone technology that includes 3G. Among other things, the Sony Ericsson V600i is capable of making and receiving video calls.

The handset uses its TFT screen as a viewfinder for its integrated camera other than its usual functions to display user's informations and live images during a video call. The camera module of the Sony Ericsson V600i is 1.3 megapixel with maximum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. Digital zoom, integrated flash and video capabilities of the camera increases its utility many fold.

Other than UMTS networks, the Sony Ericsson V600i also supports triband GSM mobile networks and changes band automatically. Highest data speed that could be achieved in a 3G network by the Sony Ericsson V600i is around 384 kbps. The handset is equipped with GPRS so that you can get uninterrupted data connectivity even in absence of 3G. The handset is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology v2.0, Infrared and USB so that local and remote connectivity with external devices are easy and seamless.

Lack of external memory card slot and internal memory of 32 Mb forbids the Sony Ericsson V600i use as a music player but you can carry a few of your favourite tracks. The FM radio with RDS is always available in case you want to stretch out for a while.

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I like each and Every Model of Sony Ericsson, i dont know why most of the people buy Nokia phones,, try something new dude. and see the difference.
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